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Daškuvienė, Vida Subject Librarian
Art Criticism, Education Science, Philology, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology
+370 37 300654
Getautienė, Salomėja Subject Librarian
Computers, Information Systems
+370 37 300669
Gradeckienė, Marytė Subject Librarian
Applied Chemistry, Chemical Technology and Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology
+370 37 300199
Kandrotienė, Oresta Subject Librarian
Manufacturing Engineering, Vehicle Engineering
+370 37 353817
Kerbelienė, Rimanta Subject Librarian
Architecture and Urban Development, Civil Engineering and Technology, Landscape and Heritage Science, Real Estate Management
+370 37 300666
Kuliešienė, Jūratė Head of Group
Mathematics, Physics
+370 37 300669
Patackienė, Auksė Subject Librarian
Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Strategic Management
+370 37 300654
Šermukšnienė, Elena Head of Group
Energy and Thermal Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
+370 37 353817
Stašiūnaitė, Vida Subject Librarian
Environmental Engineering, Food Science and Technology, Polymer Chemistry and Technology
+370 37 300199
Steponavičienė, Daiva Subject Librarian
Applied Informatics, Multimedia Engineering, Software Systems
+370 37 300669
Vizbarienė, Rimantė Subject Librarian
Automation and Control, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering
+370 37 300666
Z. Admin, Super SubjectsPlus Admin
New books on artificial intelligence, Research information search tools
+370 37 300659
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