Research information search systems

Search systems allows user to search necessary information according to key words, describing the field. In order to perform research information search select these or similar search systems:

Open access repositories and catalogues

In open access repositories authors submit copies of their articles. Repositories do not peer review publications, however ensures its‘ worldwide visibility. In repositories can be preserved resources published in traditional way also not peer reviewed pre-prints, post-prints or both types publications.

Examples of open access repositories and catalogues:

Search for research data

Data repositories 
Data repository is a digital archive which preserves and stores data sets and its‘metadata. Majority of data repositories accepts publications and link it with data. 
Examples of data repositories.

Data journals
Researchers publish information about their data sets in data journals by publishing article about their data. In this article data analysis and it’s results are not provided, only descriptions about the data and it’s importance to analysis which will be carried out in the future are provided. In data journals, data are not provided, however an active link indicating where data is published is indicated.
Examples of data journals: