1. How to find the study module literature recommended by your teacher?

In the Catalogue, please select Other resources and then KTU STUDY MODULES LITERATURE:
-    type a word or a phrase in the search field (for example, module code (H130B010)); 
-    select the criterion in the search field;
-    click on the Search.

2. In the Catalogue or KTU Virtual Library a link is provided to full text online. Is it possible to use this item from your home computer rather than KTU computer network?

Yes, it is possible. E-resources from home computers can be accessed via VPN (Virtual Private Network) and KTU Virtual Library. Using remote access and KTU Virtual Library there is no need to install software (as for VPN). KTU community members can login with their single sign-on account.

3. Is it possible to use the subscribed databases from computers not on KTU network?

The members of the university community may access the subscribed databases from home via VPN (Virtual Private Network) and EZproxy. EZproxy is integrated into KTU Virtual Library. The access to EZproxy service is available by using a single sign-on.

4. What kind of information you can find in KTU Virtual Library?

In KTU Virtual Library you can find all information resources from KTU Library Catalogue, Science Publications, subscribed databases and open access databases. In the Library Catalogue there is a possibility to order items, extend the loan period of an item, add comments to resources, upload search results and submitted enquiries into a personality electronic shelf.

5. Where to find articles written by the University academic staff?

They can be found in the KTU Virtual Library, please select Science Publications (KTU eLABa PDB

6. Where to find information about documents kept in the Library?

In the Library Catalogue and KTU Virtual Library.

7. Where to find publications written by the academic staff of the University?

In KTU Virtual Library.

8. Where to find research articles?

Research articles can be found in journals kept in the Library, in KTU Science Publication database, subscribed databases and KTU Virtual Library.

9. Where you can find information about electronic theses, dissertations and dissertation summaries?

In the KTU Virtual Library please choose Electronic Theses and Dissertations (KTU eLABa ETD)

10. Which databases are subscribed by the Library?

The information about the subscribed databases is accessible on the Library homepage.

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